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If you are looking for a budget friendly DJI drone, one of the best options that the company has released currently is the DJI Tello. This is a compact row device that is designed to assist with coding education, shooting quick videos and learning more about drones. The Tello was released primarily as an entry-level drone that also offers flying education and drone programming education programs.

DJI has introduced a number of programs that can make the process of developing flight patterns and more for the drone a fun learning experience. The overall goal for DJI with the development of this app was to have a drone that would be fun for kids and adults to fly. The elements of coding education are built into the Tello and generations of drone users can help to learn more about the process of flying drones with extremely intuitive controls.

The Tello app offers a quick start guide for anyone that's new to drones and the DJI flight tech startup kit can help with the process of everything from changing out a typical rotor blade to providing advanced help with controller capabilities.

The Tello actually has some surprising connection features as well. The device can offer a first-person view when it's combined with VR headsets. This can make the process of flying the drone much easier and lead to unforgettable experiences once you are able to master the use of the drone.

The image transmission distance is limited with the Tello as an introductory device but it does feature a 13 min. flight time and two antennas for smart switching and stunt flying.

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The 720P HD transmission for the video can be a wonderful experience for capturing fairly simple images.

The Tello is definitely designed with first-time drone users in mind. It's available at a great introductory price, it has a slide on screen for performing a variety of aerial stunts, it can be tossed in the air and used easily and it can fly up and down from your hand automatically in a bounce mode.

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