DJI Care Refresh

A comprehensive warranty for your drone, offering you greater peace of mind every time you fly.

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The DJI refresh is designed with insurance coverage that you would need for peace of mind in flying your drone. The coverage can provide you with replacement parts/ labor that you would need in the event of a collision or even water damage. The refresh care kit can provide a complete replacement from DJI or repair support if there is ever a severe accident with your drone.

If your DJI drone is water damaged or an accident occurs, you can ship the product back to DJI for repair and replacement. Rapid support is delivered from a pre-purchased express post box. You can simply place the drone back into the box and ship it back to the factory for quick replacement on the DJI drone.

The Dji Refresh is quite a reasonable price and it covers the drone for up to one year for many different types of accidents. Whether your drone is involved in a collision or it has experienced a problem with water damage, you can send your drone back to the factory to have replacement parts fitted for improved reliability and performance. This coverage can be perfect if you are a new drone user or an individual who wants to cover your hardware for replacement.

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DJI refresh to not only cover your first replacement but for a slightly upped fee, you can also get your second replacement covered with DJI.

The refresh kit also comes with a prioritize support and VIP phone service to provide you with the customer service that you need to oversee almost any type of issue with your drone. Free shipping is provided either way with your aircraft is covered by DJI.

If you are trying out a drone for the first time or purchasing a DJI drone, you should strongly consider the idea of replacement insurance using the DJI drone refresh program.

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