Mavic Pro Platinum

With enhanced endurance and quieter flight, the Mavic Pro Platinum is DJI's best portable drone yet.

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The Mavic Pro platinum is a sleekly designed that features a compact body and an extremely powerful machine for professional film quality edits. There is a 30 min. flight time available as well as an improved noise reduction on any of the other additions of Mavic drones. The platinum edition of this drone features some upgrades that were not found on the Mavic pro model and this can lead to better flight times, a cool exterior style and a much quieter drone.

The battery power is one of the most noticeable differences between the platinum Mavic Pro and the Standard Edition. The aircraft has quieter propellers that to reduce noise power by up to 4 dB. The flight time is also been extended beyond 30 min. to make this one of the lengthiest flying portable drones on the market that's capable of 4k video production.

The Mavic Pro platinum is a design that has an extremely aerodynamic look and this is what produces the improved noise control performance and allows for the extra battery power. The same three axis cable is available on this product and this version can fly further than ever before. The range on this edition of the Mavic Pro ensures that you can get the 7 km with long-range in 720 P and enjoy a precision hover solution for stable quality film. The battery life is extended by more than 5 min. on this edition and the image quality is slightly improved with the help of better stability and motor control.

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If you are looking for the current best portable drone on the market, it is tough to name anything better than the Mavic Pro platinum edition. With all of its help in the process of flying and the quality of images that it can deliver, this is the best in portable filmmaking power today.

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