Inspire 2

Powerful and intelligent drone created for Hollywood-grade professional filmmaking.

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The DJI inspire one was a complete revolution when it came to filmmaking. As one of the very first drones in the world to integrate in HD transmission system and a 360° rotating gamble with a camera that was capable of shooting in 4K. This first version of the drone represented the hope for home filmmakers throughout the world to produce studio results.

The simplicity of application control really makes these types of drone some of the easiest to fly on the market. The inspire 2 on the other hand represents a major upgrade in the market for this type of pro quality drone.

The flight time has been upgraded to a maximum of 27 min. and the new camera on board is a 6K cinema DNG/RAW shooting camera. The secondary format available is a 5.2 K Apple Pro res solution. The quality of the processor has been upgraded considerably and the drone delivers real power with a dual battery system and upgraded propellers.

Spark props

This is an extremely fast Romans capable of precision movement. Delivering speeds up to 58 mi./h, the engines on this device are capable of flying in all sorts of conditions. The onboard front facing camera can also ensure that it's easy to fly using a VR headset or with an onboard camera stream.

Most of this drone is produced using a carbon fiber design and with 2 kg of thrusting every rotor, it is a quality performance tool for any film set. The obstacle avoidance delivered in this device works to protect it from every angle preserving the drone even when it is being flown by beginners.

For the best Pro image quality that you can get on a DJI drone, the Inspire 2 is an easy choice if you are a serious filmmaker.

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